The Eagles Island


The Eagles Island Coalition is a multi-agency, municipal, and non-governmental organization partnership focused on protecting
the existing natural areas on Eagles Island and
the lower Cape Fear/Brunswick River Marsh complex.

Coalition Participants

Cape Fear River Watch
NC DENR Natural Heritage Program
Land Management Group, Inc.
Dial Cordy and Associates, Inc.
Cape Fear Resource Conservation and Development, Inc.
US Fish and Wildlife Service
Wilmington Water Tours, LLC
Town of Navassa
Moores Creek Conservation Alliance
New Hanover Soil and Water Conservation District
USS North Carolina Battleship Commission
North Carolina Public Access Foundation, Inc.
City of Wilmington
Town of Leland
New Hanover County
NC DCR Underwater Archaeology Branch
NCDA&CS Division of Soil and Water Conservation
Mahanaim Adventures
Town of Belville
Capt. Charles Robbins' Cape Fear Adventures
Cape Fear Economic Development Council


The mission of the Eagles Island Coalition is to "Lead efforts to conserve and manage the natural and cultural assets of Eagles Island and provide compatible educational and recreational activities".

The Coalition has a shared vision for Eagles Island which includes:

  • Protection of endangered species and habitat

  • Preservation of historical sites and cultural artifacts

  • Low-impact recreation & eco-tourism opportunities

  • Facilities and programs for education


The goals of the Eagles Island Coalition are:

  • Identify and map the highest priority habitats, species, and cultural resources in need of conservation attention on Eagles Island.

  • Promote the conservation, restoration, health, and sustainable use of the landscape and the native terrestrial and aquatic communities that depend, in whole or in part, on the lands and waters of Eagles Island.

  • Encourage public/private partnerships among participating governmental agencies, community and non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, corporations, and private landowners to support the Eagles Island Coalition Mission.

  • Create popular recognition of the beauty, significance and value of the region's unique natural and cultural resources.

About Eagles Island

Eagles Island lies in the confluence of the Cape Fear and Brunswick Rivers in southeastern NC in the Lower Cape Fear River Basin. Eagles Island consists of approximately 3,100 acres situated between the Brunswick and Cape Fear Rivers. The island is directly across the Cape Fear River from Wilmington in New Hanover County, but is located mostly in Brunswick County. The town of Bellville lies just to the west of the Island on the west bank of the Brunswick River, and the nearby towns of Leland and Navassa are located to the northwest, adjacent to Mill Creek and Sturgeon Creek, which flows into the Brunswick River.

"Eagles Island is, and has always been, part of a dynamic riverine system. What exists today is the result of myriad interactions between natural and human forces that have taken place over time." For an extensive report on the history of Eagles Island, follow this link:

"Eagles Island: A History of a Landscape"
Note: This is a large (20 Mb) pdf file.


Current Status

The land of Eagles Island is currently owned by private and corporate individuals, the State of North Carolina (through the NC Division of Soil and Water Conservation, NC Department of Transportation, and NC Ports Authority), the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New Hanover Soil and Water Conservation District, and the Town of Leland. Currently the majority of the island is undeveloped and is home to the USS North Carolina Battleship.



  • Conservation Planning and Land Acquisition Committee
  • Executive Committee
  • Funding and Development Committee
  • Outreach and Education Committee
  • Recreation and Cultural Resources Committee

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